After years of gathering experience he is now unleashing his vision : Top Magazine today is an internationally respected and highly viewed on-line maganine with a lot of subscribers growing at a faster pace, the mag also has monthly print edition, in South Africa. He also has Big Punch Media and film, which does corporate image identity design as well other services from multi-media to designs.

Success is not measured by how much you earn but by how many people you have made from nothing to something.With his skills and talent today he boost having developed prime brands in the Southern Hemisphere, from musicians, to companies.

Stanley is a demanding perfectionist who always aspires to position everything he does above standards. He always fights for putting his businesses and their products at the forefront. He believes in setting trends, everything he does is aggressive, classy and stylish.
Others says much of Stanley’s aggression and demanding personality in everything he does. As a results he is mis-understood for arrogance yet unlike most he is guided by experience of people’s past mistakes including his, which saw him loose a lot of money in starting several businesses.

He is loved and respected for his over imagination, business understanding and love for people he works with globally. He is very social yet innovative and selective. Today his experience is shared across the globe. He has mentored, motivated,and lectured over 465 students who today are bank tellers, journalist, programmers. system analysis specialist as dominant politicians.

Writes : Memory Deminsions

Head of Communications for the K Family


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I believe in exploring every opportunity, that come's my way.It took me a while to learn to be open minded and to go beyond in all i do. i have learn to risk calculatively in business, which is why i believe im where i am today. I enjoy making a contribution in changing lives and enhancing people visions and making them a reality.




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