It is time to build Africa, Says Stanley KHoza
Get Involved, Don’t sit back
We simply can’t do it without you. Not only will your support enable our entrepreneurs to successfully launch successful businesses but in turn this will boost job creation and economic growth in South Africa.
We work closely with local and international partners including Top Magazine Media businesses and are always on the lookout for those that share our vision to join us. With your help we will develop the most promising talent in South Africa to get on their feet, start businesses, create jobs and become the business leaders of the future..

Thanks to our growth in technology and infastrusture we have designed a 9 province coverage system that allows us to cover events across all provinces in South Africat, as well as its neighboring countries such as Swaziland, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, Malawi and Zimbabwe. We cover events of all types across. its very simpel all you do is you send us an email at, and tell us what is happening, how many people u expecting and provide us with all the details that will be required and whoops we will be right there. we have automated our contacts so that you can have a fast communication line with us. || we the best in telling people about events. our readership speakes for it self.

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Tell us about your event and we will tell your target audience. what we say goes. you can do so by email to




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